Steps on How To Start A Window Cleaning Business

Why Start A window Cleaning Business?

You first have to decide that you want to start your own business? Many people start businesses for a different number of reasons such as recently been made redundant. Some people just get to a stage in their lives where they want a change from what they have been doing for years. Other people like the idea of being their own boss and in control of the business. Now that you have made your decision you have to decide on the type of business you are planning to tackle. This article will go through some of the steps required for the starting up of a window cleaning business so you can become a house cleaning services near me.




As with all new businesses you will have to set what your budget will be. You can use your redundancy money if you are lucky to have any or you can go to the bank for a business loan. If you do need a loan from the bank you will need to bring with you a business plan. With your budget determined you can now go shopping for the relevant equipment required.

Which window cleaning method do you choose?

There are two main methods of window cleaning you can choose from and your current circumstances may help you with your choice.

Traditional method. This type of window cleaning is the method that has been used for generations of window cleaners. It does not require much in the way of initial financial investment and therefore is not a big risk. It does however require you to have little or no fear of heights. The main equipment you will require is a ladder, a squeegee, a washer applicator and a bucket. The applicator is used to apply the window cleaning solution to the window and the squeegee will remove the dirt along with the solution. The main restriction for this method is the height of your ladders or how high you are willing to go up!!!!!!

The second method you can use is commonly known as the “Water Fed Pole System”. This method uses a telescopic pole with a brush on the top of it where water is fed through the brush. The brush, along with the help of the water, is manoeuvred around the window cleaning as it goes. No chemical solutions are used while cleaning the windows in this way. The water used is not ordinary water from the tap but it is purified water. There are more than one method of obtaining purified water and I will go through this in a separate article. This method requires a level of skill to produce the purified water and also a financial investment in the equipment required to produce it. You will also require a method of carrying your water from job to job and the size of the tank will be determined by the amount and type of customers you intend to engage with. Be careful that you purchase a specialised baffled tank that is designed to carry liquids while in transit because it is potentially very dangerous to carry large quantities of liquid in the back of a van. You may also have to check with your insurance company that you are insured to carry liquids.

One item that you will require for your business is a van. Depending on which method you choose to clean your windows will determine the size the van you will need. If you choose the “Water Fed Pole System” you will obviously require a larger van than if you have chosen the traditional method.

Choose your type of customer

From the start it is wise to choose what your target market is going to consist of. If you are going to use the traditional method of window cleaning you may want to stay within the domestic market and only do houses. Some window cleaners are quite content with just confining themselves to this market. If you are thinking about starting with a domestic round and at some point in the future adding commercial buildings to your round you must choose the “Water Fed Pole System” from the outset of the business. If you don’t you will find yourself having to purchase all of the associated equipment required. The telescopic poles used in the “Water Fed Pole System” come in various lengths so you will have to purchase the length of pole to suit your target market. Some poles can reach windows up to a height of 65-70ft.

Antique Bracelets Information and Caring Tips

Since the gold discoveries in the early and mid 1800s, the United States introduced the Cape Diamond Bracelet in the market in the late 1800s. It is considered as one of the most expensive antique jewelries and had to be remounted because of its limited supply learn more here.

The Georgian jewelry collections have brought with it the feel of true romanticism, symbolism and sentiment. The antique Cape Diamond bracelet exhibits the splendid work exhibiting chased borders and encrusted detailed floral motif set with flower cut diamonds to the beads of the bracelet.

The Antique Pearl Bracelet with diamonds in white gold is very popular for jewelry collectors and buyers. This bracelet portrays elegance and a unique style. It weighs 15.2 grams and has a total length of 8 inches, 17mm wide and 3 mm deep. It is also mounted in five strands that are measured 2.88 white elegant pearls which are 18k elongated bead sets with a distinctive cut of diamonds. The Antique Pearl Bracelet is originally priced at around $3000.00.

The antique Georgian Bracelet Rose-cut diamonds pearls in platinum-topped is 18k yellow gold. This bracelet weighs 11.0 grams its length is measured 7.25 inches and has a width of 7mm and 6mm deep. It is designed with rose-cuts diamonds that also ensembles a foliate motif silhouettes with a total of 60 stones that are interspersed between 12 beautifully splendid cuts of natural seed pearls graded with a platinum look. This bracelet is really enchanting and fascinating with a market value of $3400.00

With the high price value of these antique bracelets, you have to maintain the original condition of such valuable items. For antique jewelries to look elegant and as fascinating, you have to take care of it properly to keep the way it should be. Here are some tips on how you to take proper care with bracelets and other jewelries.

1. To maintain the original external features of your jewelry, you have to clean your bracelet regularly by polishing using a non abrasive soft cloth.

2. Use soap and water to clean your jewelries. This will keep your bracelet look good and shine new as ever.

3. Remember not to dry your jewelry off with paper towels or tissues. Always use a smooth soft cloth to remove wet portions. You can also use toothpaste and a toothbrush to remove tarnish from the beads of the bracelet.

4. Store bracelets and other jewelry from a cool dry place when it is not used. You can also use a locker bag to prevent any scratches and tarnishes. It is recommended that you keep your jewelry in a proper storage place when it is not used.